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How to Write a Full SEO Friendly Article 2017 Tips

How to Write a Good Post

Any kind of search engine optimization to increase website traffic blog or SEO, there is no alternative. A good quality online article from Publisher if your Skill, Creativity and Commitment (skills, creativity and commitment) should have. Such qualities and prosperity of his blog readers of a popular blogger known as Expert. SEO is a beautiful and friendly post your post, your post is very easy to understand the reader. As a reader, as I like to wear beautiful and packed write posts. A post was written on the inside of the post and know that it is written focuses on the issue. Posts you try to write in such a way so that you are talking to the reader, and the things he explained. Below, we’ll share some important issues, that of a negative can complement SEO Friendly.
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Unique Post

Posted write your post SEO friendly course to be unique. If the post is not unique to Google or other search engines will catch the post copy, the first 10 of the 15 posts before the search result will not find your post.

Select the correct Post Tittle

The post is a post title or summary of the summary of the whole article. An article of the type described the inside of the post Publishers, everything is similar to the title of the post. A visitor looks at the title of the post you can understand the importance of the post, so the search engines to see the title of the post boot to realize the importance of the post the entire article. In this case, as well as the title of the post you can create and customize a combination of quality Keywords, or search results page, the most popular search engine on the position of your post. The amount of traffic that comes from a blog search engine, almost 80%, depending on the Post Title.

Post Tittle:

Keywords with no relevance to the post without those important topics writes about a lot of good quality. Keywords with no relevance to the post without those important topics writes about a lot of good quality. The title of the post is a good quality SEO article writing does not follow the post due to the importance of not getting search engine. Because the search engine bots like a human good and bad, wise choice to choose the easiest.

Big Tittle:

It was important to write the title of that post Keywords full title is a combination of 66 characters write. Important Keywords in choosing you can take the help of Google Keyword Tools. When you write a big great article about the use of the title tag. The different sub-categories you can present the content of the post. The search result in your post better results.

Image Use or Image Optimization

Another important part of the image of the blog post. Image post using the readers a clear idea about any given subject. Image shot using some of the readers that the post be filled with ideas is not possible. Image search results separately, allowing the search engine blog brings. You’ve seen that generally, Google Search and Image Search results contain the name of a tab. If possible, attach itself to create the image. Google made some changes to the use of the image. Image of the blog that you write SEO friendly search engine, then the possibility of visitors from Image. Image Alt Tag and Caption different types of blogs through to Optimize.

Select Post URL

The url of the search engine results are always good. Along with the title of your post should always url.

For Example, A post Title: How to Write a Full SEO Friendly Article
For Example, Post link or URL: /write-full-seo-friendly-article

Use Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions of domestic position after the title of the post. Because search engines Meta Descriptions post after a post title is a Important. Once inside the keyword Meta Descriptions search engine results are more likely to come at the top of your post.

Heading Tags

Usually shot at various important Heading Tags H1, H2, H3 and H4 written in the form. This type of search engine optimization Heading Tags funds carries a lot of importance. When you write a post, then the most important post in the form of Heading Tag H1 write more. Any other blog search engine because Heading Tag H1 tag is more than important. Headings tags the rest of the H2, H3 and H4 Bold or Italic not use it gradually.

Other Topics

In addition, there are some things that are more interesting than a negative and significant contribution to SEO Friendly.

Think about the article:

If you want to write about the fact that, in its well thought out and planned to take the issue before. What is the topic of the post, how to write arranged, when writing a post about the subject sensible to plan well. Important Topics are required to keep a note of paper, which will collaborate to remind you when writing articles. He’s going to write about the issues that matter to the Internet from other blogs can take better ideas.

Break Up The Text:

Article writing is not the time to write all kinds of things together in the form of Paragraph arrange to write a separate topic. Paragraph a certain amount of space between each note. Paragraph different topics and write a Heading up the better. Both the reader and the search engine in the post-clear ideas about a topic will each article.

Publishing regular post:

If you can share a post at least every good quality, increase traffic to your blog abundance. As well as the search engine bots will visit your blog regularly. Crawl Rate Index has increased with the blog post will be quick. In addition to regular blog posts to share with the readers of the blog’s popularity continues to grow rapidly.

Provide options to share:

At the present time the popularity of social media has increased so much. Now, an important part of search engine optimization, social media has begun to accept. Each of your posts so readers can easily share, for the post by a variety of social media, you should add the option to share.

Internal Links:

Word inside of your post with a link to your blog post that pointed to another called Internal Linking. This is a new post to your blog, as well as to increase the back links that will help to Crawl and Index. However, note that the length of the link is not too large. If there is no match to the new post will not post the link to share.

To follow all the above issues, as well as the right to good quality article comprising a Proper SEO templates to get traffic from the search engines continue blogging if you do not have to worry about. Blogger templates and all the components except the post and search engine optimization, there are a lot more things. You can stay with us if you want to be an SEO Expert. We do this all the time share SEO Tutorial.
Hope these tips will make your work and will help write a good SEO Friendly Post.


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