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How to Use SEMRush Tools and Buying Selected Keywords

We have to select the keywords are usually based on the Google Keyword Planner instrument. But now with the Google Keyword Planner Extract search volume never seen before. Many of our problems are due to the fall. Especially beginners do not understand. What if there is no way for starters. Free for those who want to start or what to do, there is no way? Of course there is. Today we will discuss a topic.

I have a few days before the Google Keyword Planner Keyword research was based on. But in the last 3 months, I do not remember whether I have seen reviews of the planar open. Do not you understand that I’m using keywords Planner. I am using alternative keywords Planner. And once free. That SEMRush. I think I may have heard of SEMRush increase. Because of the limited SEMRush free. But now I fully trust to keywords research over SEMRush. So let’s talk about how I use SEMRush totally free.

Keywords Panel of SEMRush

SEMRush to research the keywords, the first e-mail login and password. Keyword Analytics, click the drop-down button from the right click SEO Keyword Magic.

SEMrush Interface

Keywords Entered the Root

Now there anything you took a route by entering keywords. I enter my scope. The scope of the term as there are types of activities that will show all SEMrush.

Root Keyword

Buying Keyword Filtering

Now we are buying our desired keywords and bring out the filtering keywords. We include box for keywords “best, review, quality, buy, cheap, top, guide, discount” the buying search keywords will enter homes. As it can be seen that there are buying all the keywords that represent them in front of us.

Buying Keyword Filtering

Keyword Difficulty Filtering

Keyword Difficulty SEMrush usually show a little more. He is usually in SEMrush KD below 76 is considered fair or acceptable Keyword Difficulty. The competition will be in the range are the keywords that are generally less. And works with them to easily rank.

Minimum 1 and maximum 76 filtering when you spend filtering through. If you can easily find the keywords by which to work.

Keyword Difficulty

SEMrush’s Search Volume

You can also search volume filtering. SEMrush of less than Google Keyword Planner shows search volume. SEMrush at 720, 880, 1600, 2400, respectively, will be in the Keyword Planner 1000, 1200, 2000, like 3000. I have personally seen these checks.

SEMrush Keyword Difficulty (KD) vs Long Tail Pro Keywords Competitiveness (KC)

If your keywords are below the SEMrush Difficulty 76 on the Long Tail Pro Keywords Competitiveness (KC) 30 or below you. Find Long Tail Pro KC 30 below and easy to work with these keywords can be ranked. In the case of KD 76 below SEMrush work on these keywords. KD and KC’s keywords are a lot of differences I have to check myself.

SEMrush KD vs LTP KC

Limitations and Solutions of SEMRush

Unlimited use of the tool before sEMrush Free SEO Keyword Magic. But now they have been limited free account. Free dailies now account for more than 10 keywords that can not be checked. The more keywords you have multiple accounts, you can if you want to research. 20 In this case, the two accounts, you can research keywords. If you can not account for 5 to 50 keywords research.

50 keywords per day is enough for you to research. At the same time getting all the benefits. For starters, this is the best way. If your project needs more work, and other tools that are needed, then SEOgroupBuy can purchased for $ 15 for 1 month.


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