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Top 9 Digital Photography Guide Line

Everyone likes to take pictures. Family Christmas, birthday, college or university and the young-reception, or any other cultural events,
friends or relatives, or marriage or
family holiday picnic or a study tour of happy memories like we do every effort to retain his own. But in many cases, images are not as good as it comes. Click on the picture to make yourself look like our own. It is not our fault camera. In digital photography, we can easily do a lot of quality by posting some guide lines. These guide lines or tips are for everyone,
but guide-lines are more beneficial for beginners, amateur or hobbyists or tourists.

The Learn Camera:

Who better to know your camera first. DSLR Bridge or Point & Shoot/PNS cameras, they each have certain powers and certain features. DSLR with better picture of this idea that just is not right at all. PNS bridge or even a picture of all extraordinary. Required functions and mode of the camera is a good idea is to take pictures. Manuel camera for a better way to read. At present, almost all models of the camera unboxing, review or camera tutorial is available on YouTube. Add this video to learn the camera helps the most.

Select Mode:

High and DSLR camera mode dial, starting from the basic PNS. DSLR corresponding option is a little more than DSLR this is all that we have 3 options, Manuel, Aperture Priority, Shutter Speed ​​Priority. These symbols may vary depending on the brand of the camera. In addition, almost all digital cameras Auto, Creative Auto, Night mode, portrait, Landscape, Macro, Sports, etc. If the mode dial mode. The auto camera itself fixes everything (Apartur, shutter speed, ISO etc). It is a good idea to use portrait mode for someone to draw a portrait. The name macro that is very small. Subject tiny camera to take pictures in this mode is given. Manuel control facility is to bridge the corresponding camera. Gradually the practice of each mode to take pictures very quickly which mode to use when it comes to the skills.

Camera Shake is Not:

We have a lot of time to deliberate or unintentional camera shake, which were to affect our image. In most cases, the picture Blurred. Generally domestic tour programs or photo blur when taking photos was really bad because in our minds. Therefore, the lower the image quality of the camera shaking will be better. At present, almost all of the bridges have been given the option Anti-Shaking PNS camera. It depends on the lens and DSLR. Holding the camera to shake depends on.

The Rule of Third:

A basic rule of Third Compositional rules of photography. After taking a picture, if its horizontal and divided into three parts along the length of the horizontal and long lines intersect at that place, or the subject of the photo subject is much more beautiful images in his neighborhood. It’s the rule of the third. However, usually a single subject or a portrait photo of the rule took up a good picture. Third Rule of Practice in order to understand, and the camera can be displayed on the menu grid view.

Angle and Framing:

The same subject in the same frame for taking photos all the time, took a photo of it in most cases is boring. I like to see the photos taken at the diversity of the framing. when taking portrait photos in a single subject can be photographed at framing tilteda. In many cases, low-angle photo that gives a different variety. Again, the subject when taking photos as well as the diagonal dimension adds diagonali Setting the frame.

Point of Interest:

“Point of interest” and the “Center of interest” the same thing. Center of interest is an interest in the center of the photo. However, that does not mean it’s not just the image of the Center or the Center of interest that desolate place. “Point of interest” by the fact that a little clear. A photo may have more than one subject. So when taking a picture in a certain subject, and the “Point of interest” can be expressed through. There are more than one person, such as a photo, but the person who is looking directly at the camera’s point of interest. Again, as in any marriage ceremony, but the center of interest, but many individuals in the group photo of the groom and the bride. Interest on the center of the photo must have or do not have point-of-interest.

Use of iSO:

The iSO camera sensor indicates sensitivity. As the ISO is increased the picture becomes more bright and the picture or greyway will appear. However, indoor low-light or nighttime events ISO increases or reduces a picture without flash. Many of increase ISO image to create a greini effect, a variation of which gives a different picture. However, additional light or daytime (when the sun is enough) is exposed over an additional ISO images. At present, almost all cameras is ISO control. In PNS from ISO 200 up to 1600 could be. In the ISO DSLR is much more. The camera varies from ISO 50 to 12800 or may be more. Find out during the day-dore usually ISO 100, 200 or 400 are used. PNS ISO Auto camera is a good idea.

Auto Focusing:

Almost all cameras have auto-focusing. This has the DSLR, and the corresponding focusing PNS camera is usually automatic. Focusing at the time of taking pictures is just to try. cotton portrait subject’s eyes or focus group is better when taking photos. A lot of time focusing or light soft focus image of a Dramatic sense out of it.

Continuous Shooting:

Almost all cameras or Continuous Firing Continuous Shooting mode. Select this mode if the shutter or pull up a lot of the cast photo. Action sequences normally, it is quite beneficial to take photos of anything happening. Our favorite guitarist of such consart take photos using this mode, we can get a better picture. The continuous shooting to take photos of the children, and works very well.

There is no fixed rule or the specific photo shoot. In many cases, a lot of great photos are available without having to break a rule. So, take heart, and click to open the camera.


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