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Top 6 Tips Increasing Battery Backup

While there are different operating systems running smart phones, Android-powered smart phones are at the top of the demand. More advantages at a lower price, because of the variety of customization facilities, Android is so popular in the smartphone market. But Android users often complain and complain about the battery backup of the Android device. Powerful processor, RAM, high resolution display, and usage capacity battery too many times the user is not getting the desired battery backup. It is possible to increase battery backup easily by following some simple 2017 tips. Today you will have an easy but very effective strategy to increase battery backup on Android. Let’s see how to do it…

General Method:

1.Do not keep Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, 3G connectivity on your Android device without need. Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, 3G have plenty of battery life.

2.If your device supports Auto Brightness, then it’s OK to auto-keep it. If you do not have Auto Brightness, then manually set up and good backup is available. You do not need to always display the display in Brightness 100. According to the data below, we saw significant changes in battery backup by setting brightness.
During the Day
Inside the house: 30-40%
Outside the house: 50-70%
Street: 90-100%
At Night
Inside the house: 05-30%
Outside the house: 15-40%
Street: 20-40%
In total, try to use time-wise brightness without using excessive brightness. It will be as good as your eyesight, battery backup will increase many times.

3.It is best not to use the live wallpaper as it is a good battery usage. You can use it to attract the attention of friends in a special way. Set the normal wallpaper to come in your own hands. Using black-colored wallpaper can provide better results.

4.Never use more than one antivirus or battery saver apps. The Juice Defender apps work quite well as a battery saver. It can be collected free from the Google Play Store.

5.Rooted device users can use the Greenify app for runtime management. Unnecessary apps can not run on your device’s background, so the battery will grow too much. This app can also be downloaded from the Play Store for free.

So many of the tips that we have been asked to follow so many of us know. Now let’s find out some advanced tips.

Advanced Method:

Strategies apply only to Li-ion batteries. Almost all phones are used in Li-ion battery nowadays. Many people are familiar with these methods. We have received good results from our experience. Hope you will also benefit from this.
1.Do not let the battery drain easily below 15-20%. That is, if the battery is 15-20%, then do not delay the charge.

2.Try to charge the charge continuously. Keep in mind that once charged, at least 35% of the charge is in charge. And if you can give it a whole lot better then.

3.Do not charge a second after charging the battery 100%. Unplug it immediately after charging 100%. Remember, do not sleep by phone at night and never sleep.

4.Do not charge your phone frequently. If the charge is above 50%, then there is no need to charge inexplicably. But after going down to 35-30%, you will be given a charge.

5.Try to have apps that have Wakelock. If you have Wakelock, you can check out these Better Battery Stats apps.

6.Wait until the phone is completely shut down every month once the phone is turned off. Run once off and run again, stop it for a few seconds and charge 100% without any interruption. Open up to 100% phone charges and turn off the phone.

7.Now open the battery and set it again and set it on. You see 10-12% of the charge decreased. In this situation, charge the phone again and unplug the device if the charge is 100%. Do this task once every 20-30 days.

We believe that you can increase the battery backup of your Android device by following the above tips. So those who are frustrated with their batteries without delay, follow the strategies.


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