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Top 30 Article Writing Sites for Make Money Online

Writing articles to many to dislike. To write text. Where is the time? However, it is very true that freelancing profession
who want to get established quickly,
in a much larger role for the article. You web design, graphic design,
the experienced subject, write about it,
you will see how quickly increase your contacts. You can not tell who write what they have does not work. Of course, but slowly is known. What is your sense of the scope of the text to highlight it in front of others. And thus can be easily presented itself.

There are others too who like to write. If you want to write text to be established in the freelancing. Many articles have been written income. The appropriate remuneration of labor is not the right place. There are a lot of upset in her Here I share some links of the website,
I hope you will get the benefit. If you want to make a good income by writing articles. There are a lot of other sites these works are not available rapid payment. Quick cash or can not be. But the problem is elsewhere in the site. Those who have done the same elsewhere in the site. This is also found elsewhere in
the site of a fixed rate for each article,
These mostly pay more than $50,
some pay up to $900. Crazy thinking. A post so much money? Other articles can be if it is not the blog site. However, the value of a text to be agreed. If he accepts the website,
you can expect to receive payment
within the first week after taking the article.
These are 30 Sites that have been Mentioned:

Developer Tutorials

Niche: Web Design
Payment Method: Pay-Pal.

This is a web design blog.
Programming, web design, and you can write
articles on anything from 30 to 50 dollars for him and for the tutorial can get up to $50-100.

Audio Tuts+

Niche: Audio
Payment Method: Paypal/Moneybookers.

This is an event blog network, which gives people the opportunity to write. The “Quick Tip” can earn 50 dollars down to the quality of writing done. According to the audio Toots is a “Quick Tip” will be in about 500 words.


Niche: Design/Felancing/Blogging
Payment Method: Pay-Pal/Moneybookers.

This is a popular web design blog,
where thousands of visitors every month,
so it is suitable for blog writers Freelancing. Every article you can get down to 50 to 75 dollars.


Niche: Computer Tips
Payment Method: Pay-Pal/Check (US)

Income for freelancers to write articles, and it is a wonderful site. 250 word article on the site for 5 dollars,
40 dollars for an article of 400 words,
600 words, 800 words of the article,
and the article $45 is $50.

Pro Blog Design

Niche: Design/Programming
Payment Method: Paypal/Moneybookers

This is another good site to earn by writing articles. Basic article on the site of each article or
article 125 up to $100 dollars is a little more complicated.

Writers Weekly

Niche: Making Money Writing
Payment Method: Unknown

This is not a blog, magazine. If it is accepted at the site by submitting articles,
you can earn up to 40 to 60 dollars.

Make a Living Writing

Niche: Income Through Writing
Payment Methods: PayPal

If you are taking on the writing will get $50 for each write.

Rock Solid Finance

Niche: Finance/Small Business
Payment Method: Unknown

Money/small businesses to write an article about 1000 words from 400 to 50 dollars. You will receive his reward when he accepted article.

WP Web Host

Niche: WordPress
Payment Methods: PayPal.

This is a Web hosting company. If you write here will have a good knowledge about WordPress. You can write articles on the site can earn up to $100.


Niche: Ceramic
Payment Method: unknown

If you made good sense if you think about the ceramic article can enter the site. Short article 5 dollars, 350 dollars for an article in 1000 words,
and you can get up to $ 900 for 5000 words article on
the site if it is accepted.

Dollar Stretcher

Niche: Various
Payment Method: Check.

This for each word you write on the $0.10 Point, $100 for 1000 words mean, and can earn up to $500 for 5000 words. Via receive payments by check in the US dollar.

Drop Zone

Niche: SkyDiving, or to jump from The Sky
Payment Methods: PayPal.

Dive from the sky on the site or a blog to jump. Every month millions of people visit here. Write here can earn up to $50-100.

Metro Parent

Niche: Parenting
Payment Method: Check.

Children play at the site of the magazine. You can get down to 35 to 50 dollars, 250 dollars for each article and a big article. After the publication of articles to receive payments.


Niche: Web Development
Payment Method: unknown.

This is very good quality site. To write to each of the article is 1500 words will be $100 flat rate and will accept it.

Theme Forest

Niche: Web Design/Development
Payment method: Paypal/Moneybookers.

At present, the site is very popular and a site. You can write articles to earn up to $100.

Spyre Studios

Niche: Web Design
Payment Methods: PayPal.

This is a blog site and freelance writers they pay $50 for each article. And pay $150 for each tutorial.

Smashing Magazine

Niche: Programming/Design
Payment Methods: unknown.

Web site design at the No.1
online magazines and easily you can earn by writing articles here on the site if it is accepted. The Prize does not provide a fixed payment,
but good quality article can get better.


Niche: Design
Payment Methods: PayPal.

This is a popular design blog. Here, you can earn up to $200 for each article type.

UX Booth

Niche: Design
Payment Methods: PayPal.

This is another design blog for the freelancer writers pay $100 for each article.

Most Inspired

Niche: Design
Payment Methods: PayPal.

This is done in a quality design blog where you can earn easily write.

Crazy Leaf

Niche: Design
Payment Methods: PayPal.

By writing this article on the site through which you can express your skills can earn.


Niche: Design/Programming
Payment Method: unknown.

The site is a popular design and
the quality of programming in order
to carry out the blog Article writing can create income.

PVM Garage

Niche: Design/Coding
Payment Methods: PayPal.

It is a well-designed blog, which is written in the power quality of the completed pay.

Be a Freelance Blogger

Niche: Freelance Blogging
Payment methods: PayPal.

Quality and at least 500 words for each article can get you $50.

Travel and Leisure

Niche: Tour
Payment Method: unknown.

Write articles relating to travel to the site can earn up to $1,000 if you accept the site.

Krazy Coupon Lady

Niche: Finance
Payment Methods: PayPal.

From 200 to 800 at the site of each
of the words you can get $ 50 for an
article, the article must be accepted this site.

Transition Abroad

Niche: Tour
Payment Methods: PayPal/Check.

It’s a popular travel website. You can get any type of travel
writing to article 50 up to $ 150, if it is accepted.


Niche: Tour
Payment Methods: PayPal

When you submit articles to the site
on travel and publish it if you can get up to $50 for each’ll write.


Niche: General
Payment Method: unknown.

0.60 up to $ 0.50 for every word written on the can.


Niche: Business
Payment Methods: PayPal

Related articles on business writing and accepted this when you can get up to $100.

This is a good advantage to work elsewhere in the site has the right to appoint. This site is your resume or portfolio of links that you can represent yourself. As a result, you do not have to travel to find work, the client’s needs, you are going to find.


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