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Top 3 Great Nail Art or Easy Way to World Cup Nail Art

Top 3 Simple and Nice Neil Art

Neil art like everybody nowadays. But just as you cannot always see the tutorial. So at the beginning it is better to simple nail designs. Again, much less those nails too large, they cannot justify all the designs and flourishes not. So today we will talk about a very simple three nail art methods. Are designed to take very less time. There’s also a Easy Way to World Cup Nail Art.

1.Take the finger with a single layer of any color.

  • After drying, the layer made of a soft makeup sponge or soft slice of your choice, as well as applying the nail polish. 3/4 colored nail polish can take..
  • Then sponge fingers stained fingernails down to remove nail polish. Thus, all of the fingers and fingernails. Then sponge fingers stained fingernails down to remove nail polish. Thus, all of the fingers and fingernails. Like fingernails must see colors shade.
  • When you take a Cotton Swab the skin with the help of a stick in the skin to remove the nail polish. Backward or finger nails can take exception with the rest of the scostip. No one wants to nail the nail polish.
  • After the nail polish to dry top coat of clear nail polish to put on.
  • 2.Take the finger with a single layer of any color.

  • Glitter powder Glitter nail polish is available in many markets, they use a lot of interesting takes on nail polish. Now on the first layer dry before hand or with a small soft sponge Glitter powder made by applying makeup. How you happy, as you like to put it that way.
  • Then, on the transparent nail polish with a dry top coat is applied to it.
  • You can use 3/4 colors Glitter powder.
  • 3.First scostip design your mind like a small 2/3 cut.

  • Star, Heart or leave straight away as you’d like your fingernails.
  • After a colored nail polish fingernails before applying any. If you are like transparent nail polish, then the design will appear.
  • Now, any way you’d like it as two or scostip Take the to nail.
  • Any other use of the new color nail polish dry.
  • scostip remove them. And with a top coat of clear nail polish to put on.
  • Easy way to World Cup Nail Art

    If you are keeping yourself updated to the modern woman, but then you have to express your harness robes. We all wear nail polish. Now let’s get monotonous after a new nail polish colors. Go to college or work, wherever they become completely run the show with surprise. World Cup flags of different countries with the nail art. So here are four of the four types of nail art tutorial.

    Argentina Nail Art

    Let’s take a look at what are the ingredients you need to make Argentina nail art:
    Materials: nail polish, white, blue and black Acrylic Paint, base coat, puff.

    1.First of all, take all the white one finger nail polish. Then the thumb, index finger and ring finger on white with blue stripe cut, right photo same.

    2.A thick black dot in the middle of the finger to the median. Then the image was more like four points. The point is then passed across the narrow line.

    3.The bride’s finger, the photo above, gave two plump blue spots.

    Neil went to Argentine art. The nail art, it takes approximately 10 minutes.

    Netherlands Neil Art

    Materials: orange, red, white and blue nail polish need.

    1.All except the first finger, ring finger and apply orange nail polish, just like the photo.

    2.Then the ring finger at the top of the blue-colored nail polish and apply it in a little corner.

    3.Make a white triangle, right next to blue.

    4.The rest was filled with red, then went to the nail art.

    Brazil Nail Art

    Materials: green nail polish, white, blue and black Acrylic paint, paint brush, coat the base.

    1.First of all, after the fingernails green nail polish will take.

    2.The median and the index finger, then two in the form of yellow color will draw a triangle, just like the photo.

    3.In the triangle next to a blue round draw with a brush, like the photo above.

    4.This time round the middle of the blue to a white mark.

    5.At the same time the ring finger to draw a semi-circle, like the image below.

    6.This time round, the white color with black inside and around four goals to one in the middle, like the photo above.

    7.Now the goal line with the values ​​with each other across it. He was a very cute football. This was just the nail art in Brazil.


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