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Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Google AdSense Earning

The most popular means of earning online from Google Adsense. And the best ways to make the easiest way to follow all the rules of Adsense. If you follow all of the Guideline in Google Adsense, then you will be able to earn a lot of money from your blog by making Adsense Approved easily and advertising properly. Many people are able to approve Google Adsense because of long efforts. But disappointed not to increase the income. Google Adsense does not increase revenue because it can not be used properly. If you can use Google Adsense ads in the right place, then you can easily make good money from your blog. If you follow the following tips correctly, Google Adsense will increase your revenue.

Adsense Policy:

Most publishers never think of this. They think it will not have any impact on the blog. Before applying for Google Adsense and putting the code on the blog, they will have to follow everything correctly after reading their full Adsense Guideline. Your Google Adsense Account may be banned at any time instead of increasing your income by doing anything without following the Guideline of Google Adsense.

  • Do not click on the ads on your blog.
  • Do not use paid Traffic or Clicking.
  • You cannot encourage others to click on an ad.
  • You cannot click on the ads by changing the IP address.
  • Do not share anything in Adult Content and Alcohol on the blog.
  • Advertised code is not available anywhere in the content.
  • Adsense language does not support advertisements in the blog that do not support.

Google Adsense CPC, Page RPM, Page CTR:

Page Impression means how many times visitors visit your blog and how many posts/pages they visit. If you have used ads from Google Adsense or any other company, then this issue is very important to you. Because if you have a lot of visitor and Page View, you will not be successful without using any type of advertisement. You must have good quality content on your blog to get plenty of visitor and page view in the blog. Google Adsense CPC, RPM, CTR, Google adsense publisher who does not know about these three things about them.
Learn what is Page CTR, CPC and Page RPM in Google Adsense.

CTR=Click Through Rat: If your video or blog is 100 views, then your ads will click on 10 visitors then your CTR=10%. And if your visitor is 100 and 50 visitor clicks ads, then your CTR=50%.

CPC=Cost Per Click: If your CPC rate is $0.05, then you get $0.05 in every ad click. And if you are $2.00, you will get $2.00 on every ad click.

RPM=Revenue Per Mile: If your RPM is $0.30 then you are $0.30 at 1000 views. If your RPM is $3.00 then you will get $3.00 per 1000 page views. Keep in mind that Google Adsense will give you a different pay for page clicks, ads click and page views.

Responsive AdSense Units:

Currently, AdSense Adsense Units are the most important in terms of increasing Google Adsense revenue. You will find that most of the 50% of the total visitors daily on your blog are being viewed on different types of devices, such as mobile, smartphones and tablets, other than computers. if your blog is not responsive and does not use Responsive Adsense Units, then more than 50% of visitors will not be able to see ads. You cannot gain any profit from those 50% visitor. To increase the blog income, blogging will be Responsive Design.

Advertise ad Code in The Tight Place:

Google Adsense ad code will be placed in such a place so that the visitors can easily see it. This will make your blog more likely to click on the ads. Google Adsense always displays content related ads. When the reader can easily see the ads, that thing can be needed. In this case, he will click on the ads for his needs. However, you will not allowed to advertise more advertisements within the content area of ​​the blog.

Remove Other Ads:

If you want to increase revenue from Google Adsense ads, then remove all others ads that have less importance than Adsense. Load Time will increase significantly on your blog. More Google Adsense does not like to display advertisements as well as other types of advertisements. If you use any other type of ads before applying for Google Adsense, you must remove it. The Adsense team will not approve your application in any way.

Use Adsense Referrers:

If you add your Google Adsense account to the Google Analytics Account, you can easily find out more about the daily income levels. Besides, through some sites, how to know how much income is earned. For Example: you will also see the details of how much revenue you earn by promoting blog links on Facebook or similar sites. You can easily understand what to do to increase your blog income.

Using Google Products Monetization:

Use Google Product Monetization options to earn some extra revenue from Google Adsense. This means that you can display advertisements for other Google products. I will discuss some of these important products.

YouTube Monetization: If you have a good video on your YouTube Channel, then by becoming a YouTube Partner, you can easily increase your income using videos in Adsense. Note that recently the easiest way to make money from online money is to monetize the video on YouTube.

Using RSS Feed Adsense: If you are using FeedBurner or have a lot of subscribers, you can also increase your revenue by displaying an Adsense account with RSS Feed.

Google Custom Search: Almost everyone on our blog uses the Google Custom Search Box. You may not know that Adsense ads can also be displayed with this Google Custom Search Box. When someone searches for something using Google Custom Search on your blog, display some ads above and to the right of the search results. This will also play a role in increasing ad revenue.

Use Standard Ad Sizes:

There are different click rates and Demand in the sizes of the ads. Using appropriate size advertising will increase the amount of income. For Example:

  • 790×90
  • 728×90
  • 336×280
  • 300×250
  • 300×600
  • 468×60

size ads are worth more than others. Advertise on the side of the image that is both types of Image and Text.

High Paying Ads ‍or Keywords:

I have already said Adsense always shows related ads to the post. For Example: if you write a game related to Football, then most of those posts will play Football game ads. Similarly, if you post a topic in the US, then you will display the ads in that country. In this case, you can use the Keyword Tool to share the good post using the keywords of High Level. Adsense will display good ads on your blog. That’s more than twice your blog income. Moreover Adsense advertising rates are higher in developed countries. So if you can target USA, UK, Indonesia, Australia visitors, you will be able to easily earn good money with few visitors.

Publish Regular Content:

Content is a blog’s main traffic to increase traffic and revenue. If you want to get a new unique visitor to your blog, then regularly publish new articles. When you follow SEO and share the good content of the blog, both visitors and income will grow. However, to share more content, never share the copy paste content. Instead of increasing income Adsense account may be banned.

To increase revenue from google Adsense, this article has shared the most important tips. If any blogger can follow these 10 tips completely, then you can earn Great Amount using Google Adsense on his blog.


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