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Top 10 Resources for Graphic Designers Website

Indeed creative design work. More creativity is needed to do this in a variety of vivid resource. Today will discuss the graphic / web design tools and resources necessary for. Let’s take a look…..

Creative graphic designers around the world to display their work and products are popular in the network. Moreover, Freelance graphic designers are also very effective on this website. Currently, designers and other like-minded designers and clients to publish their expertise and qualifications as one of the social media. Where the recipient of the service industry and service providers has developed a trusted online media. Their portfolio of projects as well as designers usually keeps annanya designers and buyers, and they are monitoring. Sometimes buyers to order products from their demand mode, or hire the qualified designers for their custom projects.

When we think of our abundant resources required to design, images, backgrounds, textures and more, all the time, maybe a search on Google, but I do not mind at all times, so some important news Web site….

1. http://www.textureking.com/

At this web site you will find plenty of free textures, which are very necessary to us, in our different print designs and textures in the background. Web sites can be seen in the background and texture, and the texture takes us to design mockup of various designs. So this website is very important, now you can easily download the free textures.

2. http://graphicburger.com/

Graphic designers, UI designers need for a website. From here you can download a free graphic design resources. mockup, icons, backgrounds, text effects, and more, with which you can download, and you can pretty much design.
how to desgin creative-2017

3. http://www.brusheezy.com

There address of a website, the website is very important for designers, who design in Photoshop, we use the brush. After setup is that they are absolutely in Photoshop brush is not enough, there is hardly anything. You can go to this website you can download plenty of free brush. For example, there will be a design you want to show you something of the color of the water. Water color by typing in the search box, visit the web site will have to search for different kinds of water color brush, designed to free it. Therefore, according to this website’s search box to search through the brush to find.

4. https://kuler.adobe.com/create/color-wheel/

One thing is very important if you want to design the color, the color of the design and can not be thinking about, and when he designed for color selection is very important. All of us in this web site are expected to solve the problem of color. Color Wheel You can create color, such as turning one’s likes. RGB hexadecimal code and the code of the color or variety of color themes and designs to find the best there is from there that you can choose the color. Go to the website to see a little browsing the website would be nice.

5. http://www.pixeden.com/

At this website you will find the elements of graphic design as well as web design, logo templates will receive business card templates, mockup will, for the web site templates, icons, themes, there’s more, you can come to see, not all free here. because take a look before downloading free or paid.
graphics desgin resources center-2017

6. http://subtlepatterns.com/

Through this website, we can download the pattern of different types of Photoshop. Once the design is very useful. We use pattern in the background Design downloaded from here so we can get a nice pattern.

7. http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/233843?newsletter=true

At the website of the website of the website is not a download site. This is a blog website link to the article about the psychology of the color, a nice article. Because In any case you do not use any color, men’s and women’s favorite color. In the case of the color logo design and branding design of how important and how to use color in all cases when this article you will get a good idea.

8. http://www.gratisography.com/

Manipulation of photos that we know, this type of work, and many of us feel better. Manipulation of different types of photos you can download from this website, and to use a variety of designs. Manipulation, and more fun than you can download pictures from here. Visit. An excellent website.

9. http://www.bestpsdfreebies.com/

Through the website you free UI mockup, Shapes Vectors, icons, Facebook cover templates and more work on the template you can download free. “Freebies” you’ll see when you click on the item.

10. http://www.myfonts.com

Many font designers are required. Embarrassment was warm for the time required fonts. Work on the need for better quality because of the font so that the font resource website.

We hope that the website made a little bit of work with a short introduction. Go to the web site of the shot, you have to look around a bit and you may not get a lot of new things.


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