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Top 10 Photography Website Sell Your Photos or Make Money as a Photography

How to Earn Photography or Capture Pictures. Stock Photography

Many people like to take pictures. Hobby to constantly clicking cameras and the cameras captured a lot of great moments. This is to give a lot of time and effort. But much of the financial benefit (Earning) do not get the opportunity. If this task is just a hobby. But if you can earn from it?

Every day millions of copies are sold online photos. In fact, it is the image. Permission to use the picture (Usage Right) sales. I have a website (Good Food) name. Here I would like to post a 10 day course of the post, I will have to upload at least 10 photos. And of course with respect to the post. Now the question is to be found in these pictures? This is the work of Online Photo Stock Market. I only choose pictures from there as I need to buy. Photographer hobbies and took some pictures.
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Stock Photography How to Market Works

If you are the photographer. If you take good quality pictures that you choose what you want to sell. Upload your photos in any of the Stock Market. Fitting title, according to the type of image categories, tags, etc. publish the picture. The stock market will show a picture of importance to consumers, and will continue to sell. In contrast to the money you will receive a copy of the sales. Of course, they will leave a part of their profits. The picture of marketing and finance for the transaction will be added to all charges.

What Kind of Picture Sell

In fact, there is no particular type. Here is a picture of almost all kinds. Just like picture high-quality. You can take pictures of Nature, Food can take a photo, you can take pictures of the Sky, Birds and Animals can take a photo. If you want someone to Artist/Model made to make the picture. However, if the picture of the Agreement as a model if you need one. The use of such an agreement to allow his picture. However, this agreement will provide a copy of the photo upset the stock market. You just need to fill out correctly. Because of their need for anyone to buy one of the images that will be required of them. In the back you can see the stock market as an example.

Image Marketing Tips

Small and large companies in their advertising, magazines, posters, videos, or website content is used as a picture. But the problem is to allow others to use the images. Royalty Free Image In this case, if anyone can use them to buy photos. However, many small and large companies, individuals, newspaper etc. Such photos buy. Sell ​​when they receive permission to use the picture.

10 Picture Marketing Website:

1.Each picture downloads royalty rate for payments was 15%. The image on this site other than you can not use the picture. http://www.istockphoto.com

2.The pictures on this website ecommerce sites. You can fix the price of his own image. https://www.smugmug.com/features/sell-photos-online

3.The world’s largest library of stock photos. Photographers payment is 60% royalty free. The pictures on this site can use on other sites. http://www.alamy.com

4.Here, each visitor will receive a royalty of 20% of sales. http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/?sunset=flickrimagerequest

5.There are 40 million customers. The amount of royalties very good. https://www.fotolia.com

6.Each of the royalty is 25% to 30%. http://www.dreamstime.com

7.If you want to keep the process of selling pictures of his hands. http://www.photoshelter.com

8. 0.25% for the sale of each picture can get up to $8 dollars. http://www.shutterstock.com

9.How much per day depending on how much you’re uploading photos to the percentage of royalty. You can get a royalty of 30% to 60%. http://www.123rf.com

10.If you can easily submit photos of their membership. About 100 can upload images together. http://www.canstockphoto.com

How to Successful

In fact, the success of the first film to sell if you do not get along with. Most of the top-seller on the buyer side is focus. However, if you are new to you will be a little difficult. To upload photos on a regular basis, given the quality of some pictures to use for free, by using your own portfolio website or blog marketing. You can increase the amount of your photos. All you have to suffer. To be successful must suffer. This is best seen in the top picture to sell. Are you in the quality, type, able to understand the needs of the market.


After the photo is uploaded to the Review. It may take a long time. Sometimes it takes more than seven days. Lots of images are uploaded every day. A few reviews to see which team could take a long time. So do not wait for a review of more than try to picture. Do not upload multiple photos at the same website. Always try to find a website that sells more than pictures of any kind. Upload the picture of the kind. This will increase the amount of your sales. Many times a lot of reviews picture canceled. This picture does not do anything with a totally free website gives free pictures available. However, you can also create a Portfolio. So what you will. A lot of photo stock photo marketplace Donate.

Here’s a good reason to give it some time to download your photos to explore the portfolio and the good things it can buy photos. And the most important thing is the title pictures. Along with pictures as well, and the title will be able to increase the amount of wine sales. Some competition continues on. It is there to take pictures of a specific type. Sometimes it can take part in the competition.


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