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Top 10 Free Online Backlink Checker Tools for 2017

Hope everyone backlinks know, and those who do not know they google search.

The Importance of Backlinks:

Backlinks are very important for search engine optimization (SEO). If you want to make your blog important and acceptable to Search Engine, then you must definitely create backlink for your blog. The more backlinks the blog will get, the greater the acceptability of its blog to the search engine.

Many changes in search engine optimization, Backlink is working on the main search engine optimization of a website. Get backlinks from a higher PR site than getting backlinks from multiple low PR (PageRank) sites. It is important to know how much backlink your website has received or backlinks from some sites. To make this work easier, there are Backlink Checker Tools. Free 10 Popular Online Backlink Checker Tools. So let’s get some tools for the Competitors Backlink Analysis.


You can get reports about your competitor’s website backlinks with the help of Monitor Backlinks. As well as get more information about backlinks to your competitor’s website. Also helps to create your own backlink. You can also see your blog good backlink and bad backlink.


Open Site Explorer is a simple tool. Which is easier than Moz, which helps to monitor backlinks. You only get ideas about your competitors backlink. With this you can build your backlink. It also allows you to check the date of creation of Page, domain authority, anchor text, linking domains and links to up to 5 websites at the same time.


With this tool you can check the backlink of a page or a full website on your website. Besides, there are several options available to get full and partial information. Link Diagnosis Tool works well in the Mozilla Firefox browser.


It is a very popular backlink checker tool. In this you can learn backlink numbers, source domains, anchor text etc. You can also download and save the backlink source if needed.

It is basically a paid backlink checker tool, but by opening a free account you can analyze full backlink with anchor text. It’s easy to see how your site’s backlink is improving or deteriorating through this tool.


For better ranking, just do not have to write SEO and articles. You have to keep an eye on your competitor’s. With this tool you can track your competitors. Their ranking, backlink numbers, etc. can be seen together.


At the same time backlink of maximum 10 websites can be checked through this tool. It also shows the number of backlinks found on your website from Google, Yahoo. So if you have a blog network or multiple blogs or website then this is the most useful tool for you.


This tool is the most popular for viewing backlink. This online tool shows all the information about your site backlink. However, one of the disadvantages is that while using the tool it shows pop-up advertisements. It may seem boring to many.

SEO Scores Android App:

SEO Scores
This is an Android app. This is a complete SEO toolkit. There are 32 SEO tools required with this. It will show you a score on your ranking, warn on blog mentions, help in backlink analysis and help to create backlink. There are many more things you can do with this app.

The problem by giving you the URL will not be here. You can use it all the time once you input the URL.


With these tools you will find many information about SEO which is very important for you blog site. It’s just like backlink checker tools. Here you can test your website’s position with your web site’s url and keywords. Here you can input the maximum of 20 keywords together.
It can find 20 keywords of the keyword. It works very quickly. More search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo, support this.


Ontolo is a good backlink monitoring and content marketing tool. It helps to increase your link building strategy. With this you can easily filter your links. This will save you a lot of valuable time and with it you can find the writers who liked your article. It also allows you to find any keyword page.

If you can use the above tools in the right role, then you will definitely get good results.


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