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Now Control your PC with your Android Phone

The wireless mouse and keyboard trying to buy, after reading this post may not have the Desire to buy. Because you use your Android as your PC’s mouse and keyboard can-be used.

If you wish to do so, which is more than just craving them to Monitor and control your phone you can see the display. Let’s look at the features.


1.WiFi, Bluetooth and IR Compatibility: Many people who use desktop PC’s that do not have Wi-Fi. They are able to control their phone to their PC with the Bluetooth hardware in the PC.
2.Mouse and Keyboard Remote: This app allows you to work with both mouse and keyboard to your PC. The buttons also control the system without typing at the keyboard, and you can also have the craving them.

3.Remote Desktop: This option is the most Josh. Though it on your PC with your phone’s display screen which is able to see craving them. This is the Remote Desktop.

4.PowerPoint Remote: People who work away from the Presentation of the options to control the PowerPoint slide, open, you can browse.

5.Windows Remote: Browse through the files to your PC, volume, etc. can control the system power options.

6.Media Player Remote: app on your PC with Windows Media player, Winamp, iTunes, VlC, KMPlayer can control these players. By default, if you do not all dissolve in the Remote Profile download link from the menu to download the custom.

7.Custom Remotes: PC Remote profile of the application unless you are able to create the custom profile. PC Remote profile of the application unless you are able to create the custom profile.

Download Software/App

1.Vectir PC Remote App
2.Vectir PC Remote Server
3.Official Remote Profiles
4.Custom/Beta Remote profiles (advanced users)


From the above link to download the app to install on the phone. PC server software on the PC remote download the setup. Then Open, which will act Accordingly to instructions.
If you want to Connect your PC to the mobile phone with Bluetooth Pair it. And if you want to connect with a Wi-Fi network to Connect your PC and Android both of them will be the same. This means that on the hotspot to connect before.
If you’ve done, your PC will be Connected to the remote brings up a list of profiles. To add more profiles from the Profile Download link with establishments Import craving them. Then, disconnect and re-connect with the phone.

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