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How to Naturally Whiten Skin | Top 5 Way at Home

The natural way to tone the skin, but if you want but your skin will be much brighter and cleansed than before.

Sunlight, environmental pollution, health problems, dry skin, stress. Using unhygienic lifestyle and long-time use of skin creams, which can make your skin more and more black and lonely due to the use of chemical based decoration materials. And we try a lot to brighten the color of this skin.

Now there are so many skin whitening and bright creams available in the market. But most products contain high levels of chemicals which are actually harming your skin. Again these products are very expensive.

So you can apply natural or herbal ingredients in a domestic way so that your skin’s color becomes brighter and brighter permanently. The way to make skin beautiful today is not just for girls bright colors of boys and the following steps are effective.

Here we will say ways to make the skin clearer so that your skin is brighter and brighter:

1.Sour Yogurt

Sour yogurt has many elements that are very good for the skin. It contains lactic acid which acts as a bleaching material. This way you can use all kinds of skin. So a good way to make skin beautiful is the Sour yogurt. Gently rub your face with sour yogurt and rub it on your face. After keeping it warm, wash the yolk with hot water. Apply this sour yogurt daily, and after several weeks, see if your skin color changes.
One spoon fries yogurt, mix half a spoon honey together. Wait 15-20 minutes for this mixture with your face and neck. Then wash it with water. It will change your skin color every day.
Mix yogurt with lemon juice and oatmeal and mix it dense. Use this paste face mask as well. It will keep the skin soft and moisturize.

2.Orange Lemon

Orange lemon is another good way to soften the skin.
Vitamin C is the most important component of facial skin care. And you get plenty of vitamin C in orange lemon. The orange lemon bleaching material also brightens the skin.

It is found that if you drink frozen orange juice every day, your skin’s skininess and skin texture is much better. Orange lemon can be used in two ways to brighten the skin.

Make a mix with two spoons of orange juice, a pinch of turmeric powder. Before going to sleep, apply the skin on the throat and face and wash it for 20-30 minutes. Apply it daily.

Dry the orange peel. Make a paste by mixing one table spoon of curd with one tablespoon of onion spoon. Wash this paste after washing it after 15 to 20 minutes. This paste will remove the black spots on your skin. Apply this paste once or twice a week. But do not use it for more than a week.


On the skin side, honey acts as a bleaching on one side of the skin, and works as a micecare agent on the other side. It contains anti-bacterial components that remove skin scars and work in acne.

Put the pure honey on the skin for a few minutes. It will remove the dead cells of your skin. The skin will shine and frames are needed. Wash the skin with hot water after a couple of minutes on the skin.

Make a fase mask by mixing one teaspoon of honey, lemon juice, crushed milk and half a tablespoon oil. Apply gently to the skin and wash it after 10-15 minutes on the skin with the mask. Use this mask every day.


Lemon in the skin care always works as an agent to whiten the skin.
The acetic element of lemon acts as an agent of natural bleaching. Lemon is also an antioxidant that is useful for skin color brightness.

Put a cotton ball on your skin by placing it in a lime juice. The pieces of lemon can also be put on the skin. Keep at least 1 hour on your skin and then wash the skin. Apply lemon juice to this method every day. This will increase the brightness of your skin and prevent skin.

Mix 3 tablespoons of lemon juice with one tablespoon of turmeric powder and wash it with 30 minutes in the skin on the skin. Use it once every day.

Mix lemon juice, one spoon of crushed milk and spoon and mix it with honey. Wash this mask on 15 to 20 minutes. Apply this mask after one day. The skin will shine.

5.AloeVera Gel

Aloe vera will be stained skin. Benefits of Aloe vera can not be terminated. Aloe vera gel removes pigmentation from your skin and helps keep the skin normal. And if the pigmentation system is too much, the skin becomes uneven.

Besides, it is very cold so your skin helps to grow new cells. Reinstate lost tissue. And it is very important for healthy skin. Effective Aloe vera to brighten the color of the skin and remove dark spot.
Apply this jelly skin.
Leave it for 30 minutes.
Use Aloe vera gel for at least 2 days a week.
If there is no Elovera tree in your home then there is no problem. Nowadays the market is available to buy Aloe vera gel all year round.


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