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How to High-Quality Content Writing Great Tools and Tips

Quality Content Tips

The Amazon Affiliate Many want to work with the Google AdSense for content writing to be afraid. How to write the content that you want to conquer fear. You may know that content is king, but I do not believe it. Quality content is king to me. Maintain a topic, you can write the content. For example, on any subject you want to write an article on the subject to find out, Keyword Research, competitor analysis, search volume, Suggested Bid to choose keywords like.

Just do not write the article. Article grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, they certainly can repair. There is a lot of free software to fix them. How many percent is a unique article must be checked. Unique 90% of the article seems to me the best. Keyword research topics found. Topics of this course Google will see a trend. If the downward trend, then it does not work well with these keywords. Working with the keywords which should trend up.

English Writer Skill

Did not find the topics you know nothing about the topics. But how to write a 1000 word article. We look for article writers for subscribed, and the money invested in it. I suggest some articles for your website or blog site writes itself, it written by the English writer on some of your skill will increase the efficiency of use of Amazon Affiliate or marketing sector. However, To develop your English skills in this website you can follow the routine.

1. http://www.bbcjanala.com/
2. http://www.englishfor2day.com/
3. http://www.englishgrammarsecrets.com/
4. http://www.elearnenglishlanguage.com/blog/

Search Tools

When you write an article on the subject in the course of the study will be to create ideas. Thematic latest article in the browser’s search bar to get an idea of ​​”search tools” to select the time. During this time, select number of these topics will all be published article, and you can easily get an idea.

Some of the tools that you can use

1. Headlines Checker:

An article headline article tells how engagement. A very good article you write a headline, but he did not see one click. It is not your profits. Headlines Common Word (20-30%), Uncommon Word (10-20%), emotional Ward (10-15%), and the headline is more effective to use the word. Visitors can easily hold.

2. Grammarly:

One of the most interesting tools for free. You can easily fix spelling and grammar article. Grammarly to use browser add-on extension to Grammarly, Grammarly free to choose an account. Arbitrarily used.

3. Unique:

Google does not like duplicate content. Well if you use duplicate content on the site may lose rank. There are a lot of tools for checking the content unique. For example: SmallSEO Tools CopyScape, DupliChecker etc. You can easily use the site to 90% unique content.

4. Readability Test:

How easy to splendid article. Article age at which people can easily read. 90-100% in Readability Test score easily read your article, then everyone will know. The higher the score the better readability. When not actually live in the projects, you can easily understand. I hope it will be better if you follow the content of these criteria.
I will tell you one thing… Quality Content is Big King. Amazon Affiliate or Google AdSense Marketing for quality content write a will. If you can follow the above step to quality content write.


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