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Google AdSense Features 2017 Update

Many people know about Adsense and Adsense work with. But do you know about the AdSense features. Adsense Many people do not know that well, so are listed below…

What is Google Adsense

Google Adsense, Google the company is an ads unit. For Example: If you have a website or a YouTube Video Channel,
you can ask Google to me that I want to advertise on this website or video Channel. When you Google ads on your site or video that goes with that,
and when people click on ads or see, you pay Google. Google takes the money from the advertising of the original owner of the company. The money from the Google
website or blog owners to pay 68% of the
amount, and the remaining 32% of the operating costs of the service, Google keeps the money. This display ads through Google Adsense, Google Blogger blogs and bloggers in exchange for his money. This is the biggest and most widely used way to earn money from a blog.

Google Adsense Payment Method:

Google bloggers pay in two ways.
1. Western Union.
2. The Bank Checks.

Checks, electronic funds transfer (EFT), EFT via Single Euro payments Area (SEPA), Wire transfer and Western Union Quick Cash. If you deposit $100 or more in
your account each month in 23-25 on a
bank check will be posted to your address (only bangladesh). Normally the check to come through the post-office draw takes 20-25 days (bangladesh). If you brought in
by courier service DHL will get it within a
week (in this case $30 will be deducted). After receiving the check to the bank
deposit required to check that the money will be deposited in your account. It takes a while to become a deposit.

AdSense Features 2017

I mentioned a few of Google AdSense ads. And regular new type of advertising they are working. They are always trying to give publishers the opportunity to earn more. These features can be used in a way to increase your income. In fact, he’s about to learn the new features should.

Content for The Ads: Basically, all using the ads. Image or text-based ads can be displayed anywhere on your website. Google
AdSense ads on a regular basis in
accordance with the requirements of the
customers or the type of changes. And several such ads are shown. Such as text ads, Image ads, animated ads, video ads, etc. Text Ads Display advertising other than advertising space is called. Advertising, such as the size of 728*90, 300*50, 300*600 and so on. Most of the time when the size of the custom text-based ads are shown.

Link Ads Units: This ad for the content of advertising, but a little different from normal. A lot of the same menu or anchor text of the links. Some of the website’s content with keywords or keywords in the menu bar shown as links. This is one advantage of
the next page by clicking on the link with the keywords or ads that you see a lot of things. And a lot of ads that Google’s search results pages like these. As a result, a lot of possibility to click on the increase. Such advertisements are usually much higher than the CPC. There’s reason. There will be interest only when someone clicks on a keyword. And these higher click important.

AdSense Search Ads: If the Google search box on a custom search website, has seen a lot. Such is the AdSense search box. The fact that some search on the keywords that the search advertising shows. As a result, the issue is one of a keyword search on the interest. And he will click on the advertisements. Nothing to see these ads so small. Links Ads and Content Ads work the same way. The success rate of Ads Content Ads from much higher.

Video for Ads: These ads are already in the video for them. That is if your website can use a video-based advertising. Much of the advertising as advertising on YouTube. And the same features. However, if your video content that is unique to this ads will be allowed to use.

Games for Ads: If you are content to
your website or online games that anyone
can play the game if you have made them able to show you advertisements. Flash game based on such websites. But of course this game will be able to play online. If you like the features of the website can take.

AdSense Page Level Ads: This ad is new and is not yet open to the public. Some websites simply being allowed to take advantage of this advertising. This is basically advertising for mobile traffic. If you are using these ads on your website’s mobile traffic will be able to see the ads. Since the vast
majority of visitors come from developed
mobile or devices, these devices so this is much better advertising success. If you are covered by this advertising feature. If you allow Google to use the website to make sure to use the ads.

AdSense Ads Sampled

Ads for Content:

AdSense Ads 336×280

AdSense Ads 728×90

Link Ads Units:
AdSense Link Ads 200×90

AdSense Link Ads 468×15

AdSense for Search Ads:
Google Custom Search Sample

This is Google Adsense New Feature.


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