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How to Get Google Adsense Approval 2017 Tips

Google Adsense is the world’s most popular and acceptable earning site. Here we find an account, it is equivalent to getting the golden hiring. Actually there are many rules for getting Google Adsense. In fact, for a blog, many processes, many rules and regulations and takes time. I will try to summarize here, how to get a Google Adsense account approved.

Google Adsense Account Approved Tips & Trick

If you want to get Google Adsense, then accept the terms and then apply. If everything is okay then your Adsense application will be adapted within 4/5 days. Your site must be of good quality and informative riches. Let us know today what to do to get the Google Adsense approval.
The conditions that must be filled before the application:

Quality Content:

Before you apply Adsense, always be aware that what kind of content you publish. Of course, without content, copy paste, copy right free content. AdSense does not allow ads to appear on sites without unique content. We write content for users who are always friendly to search engines. If your blog does not use copyrighted images on the site, it is against their policy. Also, avoid publishing articles written on pornography, hacking-cracking, game-related or illegal articles. Regularly write content on the blog only then get a quick approval.

Your text should be informative and correct. Your content will be quality when creating a well-researched resource for the user. Be completely refrained from copying content from others’ blogs. You cannot approve Google Adsense with copy content.

Design and Navigation:

The design of the site is very important. Designing your site proves your skills so design your site in such a way that it does not seem that the site is very new and yet the work is going on. Google does not offer Adsense Approval at the Under Construction site. 90% of the sites designed with elegant colors and extra colorful backgrounds do not get the approval. Also the site’s navigation level becomes easy, and the site’s pages and link structures are also standard. Remember, if there are any banners in the bizarre color, then remove them and then apply.

Important Pages:

To get Google Adsense Aprove you need to create some pages such as: Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact Us etc.
Privacy Policy Page:This is a very common mistake that everyone has. Google gives a lot of importance to the privacy policy of a site. Privacy Policy is basically what your visitors and readers should and should not do, what they will get on your blog and discuss how you use your blog. So it’s important to have a Privacy Policy page in general. You can create a blog on your own Privacy Policy page. In this case, read some Privacy Policy pages on some sites, to understand how to write.

About Us Page: About Us page is very important for getting Adsense ads on your site. If you apply Adsense without making this page, then the possibility of getting your Adsense Effect is very low. The About Us page basically talks about you or your site. How Sita starts, who or who carries out this site and discusses what the topic is about. About Us The main element of the page. You must create an About Us page before applying for this in Adsense.

Contact Us Page: Contact Us page basically allows your visitors and readers to contact you. Your readers receive your help through the Contact Us page, which means that you care for your visitors and readers who prefer Adsense. So make sure to create a Contact Us page on your site.

Other Advertising:

This is a very important issue. Adsense and Clicksor can not be used together, because Clicksor Contextual Ads are a term related to Adsense terms. Yahoo is also about Sam So to apply for Adsense, you have to remove such ads from the site. Affiliate links should be cautious about them. Before applying risk free, just remove the link and apply then batter.

Top Level Domain:

Blogspot dot com end day for Adsense. But there was a time when Adsense could easily be found by applying sub-domains. But now you have to change this policy because now Sub-Doamin blogs are almost spamming. Now to get quick Adsense fast, your blog must be the top level domain, such as com, net, org etc. The top level domain is also vital for the visitors to get better response.

Unique Visitors:

Every time a new visitor comes to your blog, the blog will be known to everyone. At the same time, the search engines will also be clear about the contents of your blog. Unique Visitors have many issues. For example, someone visited your blog, but went away immediately without getting any good topic. In this case, the Google search engine will not be considered as a unique visitor of such visitors. As long as the new visitors can stay in your blog, unique visitors of the blog will be growing. Unique visitors make important contributions in getting Google Adsense approval.

Search Engine Sitemap Submit:

This is a matter of great importance. This work helps to index new content of the blog and index it quickly in search engines. Google, Yahoo and Bing are the most important search engines of the day. You must submit your blog’s sitemap to the Webmaster Tools to these 3 search engines. Google will not determine whether Google AdSense will approve your blog’s standards. If the blog is appropriate in this case, then Google Webmaster Tools will easily support Google Adsense for your blog approval.

Google AdSense Policy:

There are several rules of Google Adsense. There are many bloggers who do not read the Google Adsense policy. But they are applying Google Adsense in due course. Before applying for Google Adsense, you must read the Adsense policies well. After reading the policy, if you think that your blog is in accordance with the full rules of Adsense, then apply for Adsense. Otherwise, refrain from appealing Google AdSense. Corrections of the terms that do not match with the AdSense rules, and apply for more than a few days after necessary.

Important Thing:

To apply in Adsense, take the lowest 20-25 unique content. And the content is 800-1200 words. But remember that the minimum 300-350 words do not go down. If the site is 2/3 months old then you can apply. It will take 5/6 days to not be approved immediately. Age of the site often works as a big factor.
When writing articles, Topics Relative is a fairly good CPC and High Competitive (according to Adword) keyword target write a post. In this way Google will be interested in offering ads on your site, and the Adsense Approve will be available quickly. Before applying for Google Adsense, all the posts will be indexed in search engines.
Implement the topics discussed correctly and then apply to Adsense. If everything is okay then getting your Adsense approval.


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