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How to ES File Explorer LAN by Shared File with Android to PC

Android phone to transfer files from PC to some of us. Transferring Files usually use conventional USB cable or data only. Many of us may not know that, for file sharing between PCs and Android is Easier than the hassle way only if there is anyone on the PC again with the mobile phone is used for file transfers, only open-fitted with ports for both the phone will be damaged.

If you must use LAN wirelessly transfer files, and do not take it as a result of the cable with the post today. Before the reserve, PC to mobile LAN sharing the mast for the home WiFi. The PC and the phone, must have the same network. Otherwise it will not work.

LAN=Local Area Network. A small place with no more than one device to the same network system the network, the LAN is called. Ethernet over twisted Pair Cabling and WiFi, the LAN connection is done in two ways. Today, we’ll use the WiFi system. Each device has a Certain number of shares for LAN is a local file, which you can control from the network to all devices.

To facilitate the work of the office computer usually is connected via LAN. LAN did not know who, knowing itself to be provisional.

You need to

1.Windows Computer (XP/Vista/7/8/10)
2.ES File Explorer (any version)
3.Stable Wi-Fi connectivity

It will take time to turn on the computer sharing. I do not use Windows 8.1 X64 and ES File Explorer v4.0.2.3. It may be a little different depending on the version to dissolve. This is much more than a file manager with ES LAN/SMB server can run. I do not use ES personality. So here I am writing about ES. LAN directly without entering any other file manager, SMB will find writing. Here are two of the same works.


Creating Shared Folder

If all PC files can shared, and if you want to share only a specific folder.

1.Create a folder of your choice, and the name of the place as you wish.

2.Right Click the folder and go to Properties.

3.Go to the general tab at the side of the Sharing tab.

4.Tip button to share. File Sharing, a dialog box appears.

5.Everyone from the Drop down menu, select Add and press. Add a new group called Everyone has to see that down. The fact that no one under your WiFi using mobile phone on the specified shared folder on your PC to be able to Access. If you do not have a lot of security, then there is no problem if Everyone, who will come to your home, because there will not be such a thing on people Maximum. Everyone, even if you do not risk, you can select a specific user desires. It will be a little trouble.

6.Permission Level everyone sees the group are given. If you just want to see the files on your PC, if you will only Read permission. Control PC files from a mobile phone (copy/move/rename/delete/edit) if you want to read/write the day.

7.Share click the button below it.

8.Finally, Done with it. An end to the PC.

I repeat, depending on the Operating System may be a little here and there. Not impatient, cold-blooded will to see to understand. It is no easy task.

Android to access the file

1.ES File Explorer was introduced.

2.Swipe left to select the Network tab from the menu. (The Previous version of the same name, but it was a different menu system.)

3.Press the Scan button at the top of the goal.

4.On your PC is connected to the same WiFi plus, after some time Scanning on the back of the box, you will see the name of your PC (Windows setup when called).

5.In fact, to hide the names of the PC Scan box.

6.Click the icon on your PC.

7.Username box is called during the Windows install, own, wrote the Exact same name (case sensitive). Without the password box was empty. OK it. If you can tick on Remember Me. If you Frequently connect to your identity when you do not feel, Anonymous does not have the benefit of the tick, because Windows Firewall will block due.

8.If all goes well, by the way, ES File Explorer can see the shared folders on your PC.

9.Once the tick to Remember Me if LAN Access, Address your PC saved. Network tab, you can get back in time to find the right name for your PC. If you can access within seconds to turn on the PC.

For Example, a song that you would from PC to mobile. Suppose your PC’s shared folder named “New Folder“. Mobile phone to the song, the song will be on the PC by copying and pasting it into the New Folder. Then turn mobile ES> Network tab> click on the name of your PC. New folders will appear. See into the song appeared in the New Folder.

A copy of the phone’s memory card and drop it in the Done, the same way, from the PC to mobile phone, the memory card to copy your music> LAN access from a PC, and the New Folder, and paste. New folder on your PC, you can see what happens even in the moment of the song for your phone is going away.

Do not just send the file to your PC do not need to touch, if this allows you to Control your PC with all the files in the mobile.

I wrote here just to share a folder. In this same way, you can share a whole drive. Shared Folder Step 1 of the 2 go to Properties on the folder of the drive in place. And the same work. It does not take a separate New Folder. All you have to place the PC hard disk. Mobile allows you to customize the PC around.
Some of the advantages of difficulty:


1.Prepare to streaming. 1 GB of space on your memory card are listed. But you are lying in bed with a mobile phone 7 GB Blu-ray movie seems to wish to watch. Keep PC movie. ES PC with access to play the movie finds work very well, despite phones with streaming video/audio/picture to see/hear. Turn on the PC allows you to see the movie.

2.WiFi good router, the phone’s memory card if you like, ISP is good enough to get speed. I copy the file to an average of 5 MB/s and streaming during 8-12 MB/s it. That’s a lot of work for the common good.

3.Cable will not have trouble.

4.PC+edit can any file access (Read/Write permission given).

5.This will save a lot of time.

6.Do not be overly charged for streaming. Normal video/audio will be charged the same as playing.


1.If you do not turn on the PC LAN will not work.
2.Different people can vary the speed. It all depends on the whereabouts of their vessels. My file copy speed is about 5 MB/s.
Please comment any problem. If you like do not forget to share your post.


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