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How to Earn Money from Google Adsense Tips

Those who work with Web sites are all familiar with Google Adsense.

Many people also place ads on the site, click and fall but get a lot less money. We will discuss some of this about how to earn more ads today. First Let’s Know What is Google Adsense….

What is Google Adsense

Google Adsense, Google the company is an ads unit. For Example: If you have a website or a YouTube Video Channel,
you can ask Google to me that I want to advertise on this website or video Channel. When you Google ads on your site or video that goes with that,
and when people click on ads or see, you pay Google. Google takes the money from the advertising of the original owner of the company. The money from the Google
website or blog owners to pay 68% of the
amount, and the remaining 32% of the operating costs of the service, Google keeps the money. This display ads through Google Adsense, Google Blogger blogs and bloggers in exchange for his money. This is the biggest and most widely used way to earn money from a blog.

How Much Income can you Earn from Google AdSense?

It is not really possible to specify how much you can earn from Adsense. It will depend on a few things like the topic of your blog, the unique visitor, how many pages are posted on the blog, a visitor to a country, adlot blogs, text ads or image ads, CTR your targeted keywords CPC, etc. But you can get up to 1 cents to $ 20 per click. And for every Thousand Impressions you can get 1 to 5 dollars or more.

How to Get Google AdSense Account Approval

Now your blog is ready and you ready to get an AdSense account. But before applying for an AdSense account, consider the following aspects. There is a lot more chance of getting your account approved.

So let’s see what you need to do to get the AdSense account approved.

  • 1.Your blog must have a custom domain name such as Google dot com. Many people see that blogger or wordpress makes a blog or apply for a free domain hosted by free hosting on AdSense. In this case, the chance of getting your AdSense account approval is 99%.
  • 2.Domain age must of course 3 to 4 months.
  • 3.Design and navigation of the blog so that user Friendly is a blog, About, Contact, Privacy Policy/Disclaimer pages.
  • 4.Create Disclaimer Page Publish at least 25-30 content, of which 8-10 content is more than 1500+ wards and the rest is more than 700+ wards.
  • 5.No copy/paste content published.
  • 6.Do some SEO work for the blog and wait until it comes to some search traffic every day.
  • 7.If you have used any other ad network ads, delete them.
  • How to Sing Up for Google Adsense Account

  • 1.When your blog is created and matches the above conditions, you can apply for a Google AdSense account. To apply for a Google AdSense account, first you have to go to this address and click on the “Gate Started Now” button.
  • 2.Now if you want to sign-up with any of your previous Gmail accounts, click on “Yes, Proceed to Google Account Sign-In” button. And if you want to sign up with a new Gmail ID, then click on “No, Create a New Google Account”.
  • 3.It’s good to use a new Gmail ID for AdSense, so I’m going to show how to do this by clicking the “No, Create a New Google Account” button here.
  • 4.At this stage, you have to give all the information to make a Google account and go to the next step.
  • 5.This time you have to give your website (blog) address where you want to display ads. And you have to choose the language of your website.
  • 6.Then you will have to give your contact address to the last and important step. Here you have to give your account payee name, country, timezone, account type (business or personal), address, phone number etc.
  • 7.Keep in mind that all data will be provided properly, especially zip code, address, mobile number and payee name. Because to verify this account, Google will send a PIN code to your address. So if the address is wrong, you will not get that pin code and your account will not be approved. And payee name will also be cautious when giving the name because Google will send the payment in this name.
  • Why you can not earn good amount from Google Adsense

    If you have a blog, there is an AdSense account. Now the problem is that you have no income from Adsense or less than that. Let’s take a look at why your earnings or income from Adsense is not income.

  • 1.There are not enough posts in your blog.
  • 2.There is not enough post that means there is no visitor.
  • 3.Do not help your blog’s content readers.
  • 4.The CPCs of your favorite topics/keywords are less.
  • 5.You do not update your blog regularly.
  • 6.You do not have to place adstals in the right place on the blog
  • 7.You are not using the text and image type’s ad slot. Most visitors to your site are Asian, (basically Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani) so CPC and CTR are getting less.
  • How to Protect your AdSense Account from Being Banned

    One of the reasons behind the ban is that some invalid clicks that I did not do once. So let’s see how your AdSense account will protect you from being banned.

  • Click on your blog’s ads with the help of the StateCounter and identify the invlined clicks with the IP.
  • 1.If you think a click is invalid then please report this link to Google.
  • 2.Do not ever click on your own ads, even from a friend or public PC.
  • 3.Do not use rewrite or copy/paste content on the blog, do not use more than one AdSense account at the same time.
  • 4.Do not use more than 3 ads in a page/post. Do not customize ads size or code.
  • 5.Do not buy any traffic.
  • Earn More Money from Google Adsense

    1.>Adsense ads are placed in the place of the page so that the visitors are easily accessible to the eyes. Meaning your Put the code of Adsense at the top of the website. Although this depends on your site’s design, it should noted during the design of the page.

    2.After coming down the page “Scroll”, it is better not to place advertisements anywhere that can be seen in the ad. Because if your site’s content visitors do not like it, they will never scroll the page. Which means you will not click and get it.

    3.Set your ads or content with Google Adsense ads occasionally. This will match the text of your site with Google Adsense and the likelihood of clicking on your ads will increase.

    4.Never place a one-size banner on the site. Google has different types of banner ads code. You can conveniently place banners on your site

    5.Just show ads. It is also necessary to know that there is more revenue than any ads. You need to use Channel to know about this issue. After that you can find out which channel you are earning more. A maximum of 200 channels made in Google Adsense.

    6.Finally, visitors to your site will have to increase. Post informative and good. Then the visitor to your site will come. Visitors coming to your Google Adsense will increase the likelihood of clicking.
    Making money/dollars from Google Adsense is not an easy job. You can earn money from Google Adsense if you have only one intelligence and patience.


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