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How to Boot the PC and the Android Operating System

The first thing that comes with the Android mobile operating. Because Android is open source, we’re arbitrarily use to customize the Operating System. Google’s popular Android mobile and tablet Operating System on your Windows PC, you can use easily. In the Android-powered mobile phone or tablet PC using the Android …

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Windows 7,8 or 10 Setup with DVD or USB drive

Today I’ll show how to install the Windows Operating System. I showed Windows 7 installation. You can install Windows 8 is exactly the same Manner. Again, exactly the same Manner that you can install Windows 10. In my case, I used a USB flash drive and it showed in an …

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How to Make Bootable Pen Drive Bootable USB

Generally bootable CD/DVD with a computer operating system that we do. The CD/DVD-ROM does not work and if there is, we are looking bootable pen drive or USB (USB=Universal Serial Bus) flash drive on. Today we know that’s how it bootable pen drive. But even before that you need to …

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