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How to Boot the PC and the Android Operating System

The first thing that comes with the Android mobile operating. Because Android is open source, we’re arbitrarily use to customize the Operating System. Google’s popular Android mobile and tablet Operating System on your Windows PC, you can use easily.

In the Android-powered mobile phone or tablet PC using the Android is a great operating system they know (especially my favorite). Almost all the Android mobile phone use. How to use your Windows-powered laptop or desktop to Android. We do so many things on our Android phones.

It is an open Android Open Source is that it is too much to imagine. Have you ever thought that run Android on your PC. The Android OS powered mobile or tablet to use the different taste.

In the Android Smartphone Operating System used by the world’s most popular and top operating system. Windows has reigned as the world of computers, just as Google’s smartphone operating system in the world is ruled.

This is a great operating system, Google regularly updated to make it even more extraordinary is going on. That was not very long Marshmallow released Android’s latest operating system. Google already is preparing to release Android-M. so let’s go How to use your Windows-powered laptop or desktop to Android.

Need to use Android

  • 1.Windows operating system (PC)
  • 2.Virtual Box (Download)
  • 3.Android is One of the Rom (Download)
  • If all of the above file. First of all, we will install a virtual box.

    How to set up Virtual Box

    We will use Android through this virtual box configuration in the same way, so we need to create a virtual PC. Virtual box setup is complete, the virtual desktop by clicking on the icon shortcuts to open the box. See the picture below, Now our new Virtual PC to create identified below (New button) Click here to do.

    Next, click on the picture below to see if it will do, according to the shown will create a virtual Operating System.
    Name: as your wish
    Operating System: Linux use.
    Version: Linux 2.6 use.

    The next step is to fill out the form correctly and click the Next button.

    Now your virtual PC on your memory (RAM), a part of what you want to share and select it. Minimum 512 MB to run Android, but you have to share. RAM on the PC a bit more than they can give.

    For example, I have 1 GB of shares. Because the more RAM than is available in a fast and good facilities.

    Now we need a shared memory at the end of a virtual hard disk (drive) of the. Because if I Android operating system installed in your virtual PC if you want to keep a virtual hard disk (drive) will need to drive. After the end of the RAM we’ll click Next twice.

    Then a new window opens, click Next, select Virtual Box Disk Image will be there, and then click Next again will select Dynamically allocated. How big is the size of the virtual disk, then you need to set it.

    We will use the Android operating system on the hard drive so you do not need large 2.5 GB, but will be not less than if there is No problem. (Virtual PC using more and more space on your hard disk that will grab)

    Create disc (locations set), click Next when you are Done. Then click the Create button to finish creating the virtual disk. Then you can create a virtual PC that supports Linux 2.6 PC and enough memory (RAM) and the hard drive is connected to the virtual PC.
    Then we’ll create a virtual PC runs. We need to launch a virtual list box, select items from the virtual PC by clicking the Start button.

    We called the First Run Wizard has opened a window to see what we get from it, click Next again. See the picture below to download the Android Rom (ISO file), select. Then click Next again, then click on the Start button.

    Then we can see in the picture below to launch Android system has become. Now if you want to be able to turn on Android without installing it or you can also install Virtual PC. I turn on the show without having to install the second (Live CD-VESA mode) was selected.

    Now you will see some text on the screen of your Android’s boot logo. Then install the Android (temporarily), and enjoy the taste of Android on your own computer.

    Some screenshots for you

    This is the virtual Android today. Stay tuned for a new tutorial in this post and share them with your friends.


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