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10 Digital Marketing Tools that Make Easier

Marketing is a matter that needs a lot of time to fulfill. There are many free and paid tools online to make this Marketing works easier. The tool through which a marketer makes many of his works very easy and in a short time. Digital marketing refers to the promotion of products or brands through electronic media. Internet is closely linked with digital marketing. Digital Marketing media such as: wireless text messaging, mobile instant messaging, mobile applications, electronic billboards, digital televisions and radio channels.

Google Trends:

Google Trend is a very familiar name to marketers. Google Trends will help you to get ideas for the business, to get ideas about products, ideas on products, and to understand the topics that are currently in the market. Google Trends can get information according to different time and place.


English grammar is a very common problem for our country’s marketers. Because posters have written in English to post in different places. That’s why we are often grammar problems. To use it first, install the browser. If your writing online in English, mistakes in English will be shown and the correct sentences will be shown.


The most popular of those tools in the URL shortener is bitly the most popular. Marketers have to shorten the links to the website in their work at different times. Just do not have to shorten the URL, but this tool is also seen how your link performs.


Clicky is another Analytics tool that allows you to collect information about a website’s visitor. This is one of the most user friendly Analytics tools. You can easily report the client’s website through this tool. There are many marketers who prefer this tool more than Google Analytics. One reason for this is Heatmaps, through which the visitor has spent more time in any zone and clicked.


If you do content marketing, do not use images, then good results will not be available. To attract customers’ attention, the images are in line with the content. But any picture taken on the website copyright. Pixabay is a big source of copyright-free photo.


We have to do a lot of research for digital marketing and blog post writing. Blogs are the most suitable source for this research. AllTop is a tool that uses the tool to find top blog posts on populating websites on specific keywords. This website is updated every moment. You can find Popular Blog post on any category.


Those who work on SEO have to analyze their competitive website. To create an audit report on your website or client’s website. WooRank can easily use a tool to analyze a website or create audit reports. Various information about the competitor’s website through this tool. For Example: important information available for ranking keywords, the amount of H1 tags, alt text and so on.


For social marketing, social media, especially the Leading social media, have used. But posting them together in so many social media is a long time. Sometimes we cannot post them with all the social media for the sake of busyness. Or manage all social media. The tool that comes with the solution of this problem is HootSuite. Timely content will be posted according to your instructions on all social accounts. But now all the social media want you to use their website directly, otherwise reduce your post’s riches.


We have to collect email for email marketing. Emails taken from online are wrong when we need to check email. Rapportive is a popular tool to check this email. By installing this tool on the browser, going to the compose of Gmail, and pasting the e-mails online, Rapportive will show you that any emails are okay. Works with links to Rapportive LinkedIn. If there is a LinkedIn account with that email then that account will not show up. Remember, your LinkedIn account must logged in at that moment.

Affiliate Marketing

When you use your Digital Marketing Skills to promote another product or service, commission-based affiliate marketing, it is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is not a matter where you can do too much overnight. Here they will be successful who can work patiently.


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